Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2019-11-01T06:30:36+04:00
What is Lockthreat (i-SAFE) Security Awareness Program?2019-11-01T06:38:18+04:00

Lockthreat is an eLearning / Online learning program to provide security awareness to employees and third parties.

Why is Lockthreat (i-SAFE) important, we already have presentations we do periodically to users?2019-11-01T06:39:30+04:00

Presentations alone are not enough, training must engage users and should be available when necessary based on user availability. We delivers rich media, interactive and engaging lessons that capture learners interest.

Instructionally designed, interactive content promotes learning by doing. And real-world scenarios, current security content and compelling games make training memorable and relevant.

How can the awareness video training be delivered?2019-11-01T06:39:00+04:00

Lockthreat is available as a hosted service on our website or as SCORM-compliant lessons hosted on your internal Learning Management System (LMS). Eitherway, lesson progress and completion is tracked and reported.

If we choose to use the Lockthreat Hosted Platform, can we customize the modules specific to user groups or specific users?2019-11-01T06:39:51+04:00

Yes, the Admin can assign different modules to different Users (or groups).

Does the Lockthreat Hosted platform support user assessment and reporting for compliance or security management?2019-11-01T06:38:18+04:00

The online hosted platform has assessment capability and also user progress reporting.

What is Lockthreat IRM?2019-11-01T06:41:09+04:00

Coming soon …

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