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What is IRM?

Integrated risk management (IRM) is a set of practices and processes supported by a risk-aware culture and enabling technologies, that improves decision making and performance through an integrated view of how well an organization manages its unique set of risks.

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  • Under the Gartner definition, IRM has certain attributes:

    1. Strategy: Enablement and implementation of a framework, including performance improvement through effective governance and risk ownership
    2. Assessment: Identification, evaluation and prioritization of risks
    3. Response: Identification and implementation of mechanisms to mitigate risk
    4. Communication and reporting: Provision of the best or most appropriate means to track and inform stakeholders of an enterprise’s risk response
    5. Monitoring: Identification and implementation of processes that methodically track governance objectives, risk ownership/accountability, compliance with policies and decisions that are set through the governance process, risks to those objectives and the effectiveness of risk mitigation and controls
    6. Technology: Design and implementation of an IRM solution (IRMS) architecture


As security threats become more sophisticated and digital opportunities multiply, businesses need to be proactive in their security efforts. We can help your business develop a security strategy to avert threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies promoting growth.


Risk Intelligence at enterprise level with executive dashboard for CEO & Board.

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Monitoring &

Set threshold and alerts for various metrics being monitored and measured.

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Single Source of Truth

All records are centrally managed and are consistent that are accessible by various stakeholders.

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Integration with
Enterprise Network

Easy integration with existing ERP and CRM systems for any data synchronization or data import.

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Global Regulations

Industry standards and regulations preloaded in the software with question libraries and checklists. Also, Compliant with UCF.

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Agile & scalable to accommodate enterprise requirements and also get
partners & vendors onboard with a dedicated partner portal.

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A smart and secure IRM solution.

Get your team onboard for a better way to manage security and risk challenges with confidence.

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Easy and simple solution to manage and collaborate security, risk & compliance.

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Lockthreat Solution

An integrated management approach to a robust yet simple tool to help address the compliance conerns by effectively managing risks & monitoring internal controls with real-time insights on key issues and remediation.

  • Lockthreat Solution Implementation is usually lesser than 6-8 weeks.

  • Onsite &  Cloud-Based Solution that requires no hardware or software deployment on your premises and no additional software licenses.

Awareness & Compliance

Lockthreat is a complete integrated cybersecurity awareness platform with interactive and engaging content.

  • 100+ Awareness Modules & Assessments

  • Modular Licenses for Cloud and On Premises

Customization & Custom Content Development

Lockthreat solution can be white labelled with corporate branding for enterprise versions. We also develop custom content for customers to meet any local or regional requirements. 

  • Corporate branding and custom content to fit your needs

  • Adult Learning Principles for better engagement and active learning experience for adults through motivation by practical application

How it works?

Lockthreat was built ground up keeping in mind the challenges of existing solutions and complexity of deployment.

Solving the industries biggest problems

Get your team onboard for a better way to manage security and risk challenges with confidence.

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